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Not Too Honest, Please

“If we were stronger and wiser creatures—less Lear-like—you could simply tell us the truth and we would welcome it. But since we are vain and insecure, fearful and petty, fragile and weak, only a fool presents the unvarnished truth and expects to be properly heard. We understand, intuitively and automatically, that some amount of deceptionContinue reading “Not Too Honest, Please”

Better With Less Than More

“Do your resolutions more often start with ‘I should do more of…’ than with ‘I should do less of…’?”1 “… if he really wanted a subtractive approach to productivity, he needed a stop-doing list.”2 “[Historian Ann] Blair also unearthed one more historical strategy you will recognize: select. Like nature balancing adding and subtracting, we needContinue reading “Better With Less Than More”


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